tower reversed

ffl patches

tr tweaks (v1.6)

a patch for Final Fantasy Legend. various fixes and edits.

  • more speech edits
  • more npc edits
  • 17F teleport destination edit
  • more map edits
  • nbomb flag edit
  • more name and menu edits
  • more abil data edits
  • menu cursor fix
  • saga continent encounters
  • fight code edits (several ffl bugs fixed)
  • title screen edit
  • fiend meat flavour edits (replacing dragon meat level edits)
  • some other text edits
  • release
  • name edits, menu edits
  • abil data edits, uses edits, char data edits
  • map edits, npc edits
  • various esoteric tweaks (more details in trtabout.txt)

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